Antique Shopping in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is our favorite city for Mid-Century Modern Design, Architecture and Antique Shopping. Just 1 hour from LA, Palm Springs has been a desert retreat for Stars and the Hollywood elite for decades. The main drag, Palm Canyon, runs right through the valley has an unlimited choices of food, fashion and all things Interior Design. We try to get to Palm Springs at least once a year for Inspirations and antique accessory shopping for projects.


Dazzles is in the heart of the design district in Palm Springs and it is our favorite spot for ’50 and ’60 retro decor.

Of course there are Lawn Flamingos in the court yard- what else would you expect to see?

Dazzles has so many original acrylic pieces of furniture. We loved them all!

This was so fun! A 7 feet tall woman in a bathing suit!

We love glass grapes. They were on our Great Grandmother’s coffee table and now they are at Dazzles. And in every color imaginable!

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